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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Update on Sam's med changes

The last post about Sam's medications, I wrote about his behavior after we took him off Risperdal. He wasn't doing well - he was overly emotional and getting upset about everything.

Just a couple weeks later, I'm happy to report that Sam is doing just fine without the Risperdal. He's no longer crying over every little thing, and he's much more calm. I have noticed more "mouth noises", and a little more excitability, but overall, he's been so much better.

We've been discussing the mouth noises, and Ray and I tend to disagree a little about them. Ray thinks they're just habit, something to entertain himself; I think it's a tic he can't control. I do see more characteristics of the Tourette's Syndrome now that Sam's off the Risperdal and I think the mouth noises - at least at first - are something he can't control. We do ask him to stop them, and he does for a few minutes, but then he's right back to doing them. It's something he either can't control or he's not aware he's doing them. Either way, it's something we can definitely live with.

Sam's also lost weight since going off Risperdal. He was 110 pounds, and now he's back to 100. He's not eating until he's miserable anymore. He doesn't finish everything on his plate - even if he likes it. This is what we had hoped to accomplish by taking him off Risperdal, and it's working!

Another positive for Sam - he hasn't been hitting or kicking as much anymore. He was really having a hard time with Kiki, Ray's younger daughter. Every day, he was hitting her, tackling her, kicking her, etc. For the past two weeks, he's kept his hands off her. He did have an incident the other day with one of CayCay's friends (CayCay is Ray's older daughter), but overall, he's definitely improved.

I'm very happy with my boy lately!

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